Are you drawn to beautiful design and expressive color? Do you like to give thoughtful gifts? Are you looking for authentic Alaska Native art?

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As a lover of beautiful things, I delight in handmade items that are unique and quality made.

I started Newfangled North in 2016 to satisfy my craving for beautiful design and to explore my Alaska Native culture. I love living in Anchorage, Alaska, and find inspiration in the people and nature. I use seed beads to reflect that inspiration in modern beaded jewelry.


Alaska isn’t just about snow and fishing, it is home to a wonderful and diverse community. There is a reverence for traditional ways and an excitement for new ideas. And everything in between. My bead work is a piece of Alaska that embodies that spirit.

Above: Cosmic Flora Bracelets - published in Beadwork magazine, Dec 18/Jan 19 issue. Features Crescents, Swarovski Pearls, Drops, and Superduo beads. Original Design by Estelita M. Chiles. (See local book store or bead store to get a copy of Beadwork magazine. Print or digital magazines available here.)